Seasonal Cleanups

We offer seasonal cleanup services in the spring and fall. 

Spring Cleanup

Our Spring Cleanup service is a one-time tune-up that prepares your property for the Spring and Summer months ahead. This service includes:

  • Clearing of all leaves, debris, sticks, and garbage from the property.
  • Trimming of dry perennials or liriope as necessary. All perennials and liriope form new growth during the spring so it is important to remove any dead growth on the plants.
  • Re-edging of bed edges by hand to leave a crisp finish. Well defined bed edges help to retain mulch in the beds and also provide a physical barrier between lawn and landscape bed areas.

All debris will be disposed of off-site. Most customers prefer to have Spring Cleanups done in conjunction with Mulch Installation.

Fall Leaf Cleanup

During the fall it is important to keep turf areas clear of leaves, as unresolved leaves will cause molding. As part of fall cleanup, Mowing & More clears your entire property of leaves and piles them curb-side for collection by the county/city.

Mowing & More does offer leaf vacuuming service for off-site disposal of leaves, if desired. Most clients have their fall cleanups done on a bi-weekly basis which comes out to four (4) visits during the fall season.