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Spring cleaning isn’t only for the interior of your home, the outside needs attention too! The past few months may have taken a toll on your yard. Between the snow storms and recent heavy winds you may have lots of large limbs, leaves and other debris scattered throughout your yard.Leaving this excess debris in your yard can kill the spring grass before it has a chance to grow. Not only is this an eye sore it can lead to an unhealthy lawn for the spring.

Leave your rake in the shed and take back your weekends!

There are many benefits to hiring a professional to manage your lawn care maintenance. The professionals with Mowing & More have extensive knowledge of landscaping, plant preservation and how to make your yard admired by all. Did you know a spring mulch installation can suppress the growth of unwanted weeds, assist with moisture retention in the soil, prevent erosion and looks great? Hiring a professional gives you the freedom to enjoy your weekends and a manicured healthy yard. We are currently scheduling for spring clean up and mulch installation. Contact us today to get your lawn in top condition for spring. 301-674-0312 or request a free estimate from our website.

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