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A well maintained landscape that surrounds your Maryland or DC home boosts curb appeal, increases the value of your home, and leaves your landscape healthy all year long. There are several consistent landscape maintenance practices that should be done on a regular basis. In the summer, we want our yards to look their best. They are often the backdrop for numerous backyard parties and other get-togethers. To make sure your landscape is in top-notch shape this season, follow this landscape maintenance checklist.

  • Perform Shrub Trimming : Whether you should prune your bushes in the summer depends on what kind they are, how healthy they are, and if they are a hazard. We’d be happy to help you evaluate your lawn to determine what needs to be pruned. Damaged or diseased branches should always be pruned.
  • Add Edging and Mulching: Mulching is one of the most important landscape maintenance chores to complete. Mulch is important because it slows evaporation of moisture from the soil, which means you’ll have to water less! It also helps keep roots cooler when temperatures reach highs. In addition to mulch, edging your landscape is a good idea because it not only creates a boundary between your landscaped garden and lawn or hardscape; it also adds a splash of elegance and visual appeal to your space.
  • Mow on a Weekly Basis: It’s important to keep your grass at the right height – not too long or short – which will help you maintain the health and appearance of your lawn. We recommend removing one-third of the grass stem in order to keep your landscape looking lush.

We’d be happy to help you develop a landscape maintenance plan that works for your property! Give us a call today at (301) 674-0312 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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