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Lawn mowing is the most important yard maintenance chore, and how you mow determines the quality of your lawn. Proper mowing practices are extremely critical to maintain a healthy, green lawn. There are actually several reasons why it’s important to get your lawn mowed on a regular basis:

Stronger Grass

To get the strongest lawn possible, get it mowed as often as needed to keep it at around 3 inches in height. When your grass is cut, the healthiest grass shoots will flourish while the weak shoots are left behind.

Even Growth

When you slice the growth of your grass down to a short, uniform level on a regular basis, you are improving overall growth because there will be an even distribution and absorption of resources that come from the sun and water. Consistency in growth is critical in maintaining a beautiful yard.


Mulching is a critical part of a healthy lawn because it returns much needed nutrients to your lawn after mowing. Plus, your lawn will be less likely to suffer from weed, insect, and disease problems when it’s mulched on a regular basis.

Fast Recovery

A lawn that receives regular mowing and overall maintenance will recover much more quickly than an unhealthy one. The longer your lawn goes without love and care, the harder it is for your lawn to bounce back to good shape.

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